One step forward in the retail world

Lineal Space™ is the ultimate solution that uses image recognition to obtain all the data needed to gather retail indicators.

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Planificación visitas (icono)

Planning and Optimisation of the visits

Toma de imágenes (icono)

Product image recording

Imágenes en servidor (icono)

Images are uploaded to the server

Análisis de información (icono)

Real-time information analysis


Facilidad de incluir imágenes en el sistema (icono)

System image embedding facility

Through the APP, any of the distributors or sales representatives who visit the point of sale can take the photos and enrich the system.

Garantía de la ubicación de las fotos (icono)

Photo location guarantee

Thanks to geolocation there is no need to check whether the photos are taken in the right place.

Disponibilidad inmediata de la información (icono)

Immediate availability of information

There is no need to wait for the reports with the collected data to be received. They can be checked through the platform at any time.

Comparativa de resultados (icono)

Comparison of results

The platform automatically generates comparative graphs from information.

Control de objetivos (icono)

Monitoring of objectives

The data collected provides de basis for monitoring the pre-established objectives.


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